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Pavement and Materials Faculty

Dr. Michael Mamlouk Professor ECG 239 (Map) (480) 965-2892 Dr. Mamlouk’s main area of expertise includes pavement analysis and design, pavement maintenance and rehabilitation, and highway materials. He has served as the P.I. and Co-P.I. of many research projects sponsored by FHWA, NHI, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Arizona DOT, and various local agencies.Read More
Dr. Kamil Kaloush Professor ISTB2 229D (Map) (480) 965-5509 Dr. Kaloush’s expertise is in pavements and transportation materials. He is a registered Professional Engineer and has over 30 years of experience as a consulting engineer in pavement research, advanced laboratory testing, and management services. Dr. Kaloush is the co-founder and director of the National Center of Excellence on SMART Innovations for Urban Climate and EnergyRead More
Dr.Hasan Ozer
Dr. Hasan Ozer, Associate Professor ISTB2 229A (Map) (480) 727-4309 Dr.Ozer’s research focuses on pavement materials characterization, pavement design analysis, development of rehabilitation and preservation programs. He is interested in developing computational mechanics methods for structural performance modeling of pavements and using life-cycle assessment for development of sustainable transportation infrastructure.
Dr. Fini
Dr. Elham Fini Associate Professor  CAVC 584  Tempe (480) 965-4273 Dr.Fini’s research interests in sustainable construction, bio-based and bio-inspired materials, adhesives and sealants for use in construction, multi-scale characterization and modeling, surface and interface characterization. She is the Director of the International Innovation Network for Construction Materials, Methods and Management, and Senior Sustainability Scientist.  
Dr.Ramadan Salim
Dr. Ramadan Salim Postdoctoral Research Assistant ISTB2 239A (Map) (480) 727-4214. Dr. Salim’s research experience includes pavement materials and design, thermal properties of pavement materials, performance modeling of pavements, advanced laboratory evaluation of asphalt concrete,  inelastic materials, unsaturated soil and airfield pavement design.  
Dr. Jose Roberto Medina Campillo Postdoctoral Research Assistant ISTB2 239A (Map) (480) 727-4214. Dr. Medina’s primary areas of expertise include pavement materials characterization, performance modeling, advanced laboratory testing of construction materials,  and pavement management systems. Dr. Medina recently pioneered the development of a ride quality index model to assess pavement condition using smartphones,  crowdsourcing techniques, and statistical analysis.
Dr. Hossein Noorvand Postdoctoral Research Assistant ISTB2 239A (Map) (480) 727-4214. Dr. Noorvand’s primary areas of expertise include include Sustainable Cement and Asphalt Concrete Material, Fiber-reinforced Composites, Autonomous Vehicle Impacts on Pavement, Nanotechnology. Dr. Noorvand specially worked on  development of a framework and a generalized theory for evaluating the fundamental mechanism of mechanically fiber reinforced asphalt concrete (MFRAC).