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Master of Science Degree


The advisor, in consultation with the student, will establish a Graduate Supervisory Committee (GSC). The GSC shall be composed of a minimum of three members from the CEE tenure-track faculty with at least two being from the Transportation Faculty. Participation of individuals from institutions external to the ASU is encouraged but these shall be non-voting members. The advisor shall serve as the chair of the GSC. The Plan of Study (POS) must be in accordance with Graduate College and Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (CESE) Program requirements. The candidate must complete at least 30 semester hours of approved course and research work distributed as follows: 1) at least twelve (12) hours of Graduate Transportation courses, 2) at least six (6) hours of CEE Graduate (non-Transportation) courses, 3) at least three (3) hours of Statistics or Math course (see course list at bottom of page), 4) not more than three (3) hours of CEE590, and 5) 6 hours of thesis (CEE599)